Boger’s Boennınghausens’s Charackteristics & Repertory



A compendium of Boenninghausen writings with notes from Boger and Dunham. Includes materia medica of 140 remedies and a repertory including the Therapeutic Pocket Book rubrics.

The publisher:

Dr. Boger was the best disciple of Dr. Boenninghausen & he proved this by making one of the greatest text on Homeopathic literature i.e. Boger’s Boenninghausen Characteristics & Repertory.

All those who criticized Boenninghausen’s work for no differentiation between general and particular modalities, got an answer for it in this repertory. The plan of this book was based on “Repertory of the Antipsorics”, which has modalities for each part given at end of concerned section of repertory as well as a section devoted to general modalities at end of book.

This edition has the advantage over all others for being most accurate of them all. It has been checked by Dr. DP. Rastogi & Dr. V.D. Sharma, who have corrected more than 100 errors in the abbreviations of name of drugs used in the repertory.

In this edition, both Characteristics (Materia Medica) and Repertory have been combined and the size which was originally cumbersome to handle has been made handy to use.

Dr. C.M. Boger, graduated from the Philadelphia College of Medicine. During his long career in medical practice and research, Dr. Boger contributed important scientific textbooks including the Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica in addition to his authorship of a number of articles for medical journals.

His authorship of several scientific textbooks, his analysis and construction of a Repertory, his lively translation of several medical books and his indefatigable labor for the production of original works, like The Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases’ and his provings of’Samarskite’ made him universally recognized as an author and physician of great eminence.

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Boger’s Boennınghausens’s Charackteristics & Repertory


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